Sex, love and relationship coach

Handan Aydin

Handan Aydin has been an entrepreneur and leader within organizations for the last 20 years. The last two years she has been trained as a sex love and relationship coach, coaching women all over the world. She has been giving trainings and workshops. She also made a connection with natural beauty through facial exercises, as a reply on modern day botox and filler fashion. The choice for both subjects was something she had been researching for a long time, while so many women think that they have be all labels from outside, she is giving natural solutions to find your inner beauty and inner sexiness.

Women sexuality is a terrain that needs to be re invented by women themselves, finding their own strength in their inner being.

Zehra Handan Aydin has studied Human Resources in Amsterdam & Management at Nijenrode University. Management Coaching within the School for Coaching. She has been a deputy director within the Dutch Police Academy, trained teachers, social workers, police officers, judges within the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany. Her last company that she was the director and the head of the board, made a turnover of around 2 million euro’s a year.