Somatic, Trauma Informed, Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

Laura Lommers

Laura Lommers is a somatic, trauma informed, Sex, Love and Relationship Coach. She is dedicated to the liberation and healing of all, working predominantly with women, coaching one-on-one globally and facilitating workshops in the Netherlands and Europe.
Laura helps women who feel disconnected and numb inside by guiding them through deep and powerful processes to transform body, mind & soul, so they can allow pleasure back into their lives and feel whole, vibrant and sexy again.

She is a highly trained and certified VITA™ coach. Using an effective blend of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, modern coaching, ancient & powerful teachings of Tantra, Taoism and Sacred Sexuality.
She is currently studying as an apprentice under Rachael Maddox, in the ReBloom Coach Training; an approach that works with archetypes -that represent the 7 Natural Blueprints of Health and also the 7 Core Wounds of Humanity-, nervous system expertise, trauma-informed care and a body-based business ethos.
Laura has a BA in Education and a background in social and youth work. She is also a certified Jade Egg coach, Relationship coach and Lomi Lomi massage practitioner.

Besides being a passionate entrepreneur, Laura is the busy and proud mother of two gorgeous daughters, who inspire and teach her about love and life every day.